Geometric Art & Fractals


It turns out that you only need a little bit of programming and a dash of math to create some pretty cool pieces of art!

Here, I demonstrate a variety of ways to create geometric art, including fractals, using Matlab. The topics are presented in rough order of complexity, and I generally assume you'll be perusing the pages in order. However, the dependence of any one page on the previous ones is minimal.

All of the code to make the images you see here is provided, so please feel free to play around with it and make your own masterpiece! And, as always, I'm happy to answer any questions. 

Also note that I teach a decent chunk of the material presented here for Splash and Spark, two learning programs offered by MIT ESP. So if you or your friends/students/offspring like what you see here, feel free to sign up for one of my free classes! 

1. Rotational snowflakes

2. Spirogram art

3. Recursive drawing

4. Levy C Curve

5. Dragon Curve

6. Julia Set

7. Mandelbrot Set

8. Conway's Game of Life